"Peter is good at creating engaging content with real-life examples and data that clarifies a lot of questions that I had. It definitely helped me become more confident in beginning my investment journey."

- Masa (Data Scientist)


"Peter definitely introduced some great points and some actionable items that I can act on. I learned how to diversify my personal investment portfolio and manage my personal finances so I can retire without having the risk of going broke. I think it’s really important, especially for people like me, where I have no prior knowledge in personal finance."

- Kevin (Software Engineer)

"I didn’t understand index funds. I didn’t understand real estate investing. I didn’t understand just how important it is to invest for the long term if you are far out from retirement. Luckily, Peter helped fill in the gaps for me for all these things. He taught me how to plan for the decades ahead and made sure that I had the right ideas about how the markets worked on a fundamental level."

- Vincent (CEO @ Growth Ninja)

"Prior to working with Peter, I already had a diversified portfolio but it was mostly based upon what co-workers were telling me. I never really understood why these were the best way to invest. Through working with Peter, I was able to understand what were the right things that I should be doing as well as gaining an understanding of other asset classes that I should be acquiring."

- Owen (Ex-Googler)

"I really appreciate the details that Peter goes into and breaks down the lexicon of the financial world into something digestible and easy for me to understand."

- Dave (US Army Heli-Medic)

"Peter basically lays it out black and white. I love it because its no fluff. No BS. Just practical actionable tips. Perfect for me because I am a busy guy. I don't have time to read a thousand different blog posts or books."

- Anthony (Digital Marketer)